Getting Started with Essential Oils

Getting started with oils is the best thing I've ever done for my family - we use them for everything! We love Young Living and they are the only company I trusted using on my little ones because of the purity and quality (check out the Seed To Seal standard here). They support our immune system, hormones, focus, stress, sleep, tummies....gimme all the oils! The best way to get started with oils is with the Premium Starter Kit. It comes with 11 oils + a diffuser for $160. With this kit you'll have your own wholesale membership which means your oils are 24% off forever and ever. No monthly membership stuff if you don't want to (although we love it).

When you grab a kit - you are also joining a community of oilers that are there to help you through and make this easy to learn. You’ll have access to our groups for more learning! We were both skeptical at how effective these little drops could be. I was personally struggling with some issues and so were my kiddos. These oils have become our foundation for any issue that comes our way. We have a non-toxic way to support our body each day and are so grateful. 


The Premium Starter Kit lowdown 

This is the kit you'll get which has all the oils you need to start your oily journey. I'm going to break them down for you below. You'll want to follow this link to grab your kit - or make sure #3605429 is in both the Sponsor and Enroller spots when checking out. I'll go over these 11 oils that you'll get real quick below - but I can plug you into an online workshop if you want to learn more. 


Lavender - the one that does it all 

We love Lavender for sleeping. Many have found Lavender helps to relax and calm (even those toddler tantrums). Add to diffuser or put some drops to epsom salt and soak away your stress. Lavender is also known as the Swiss Army Knife of essential oils - because it’s good for...pretty much every. Little. thing. ANYTHING skin...say yes to Lavender. Minor boo boos – yep, it’s good for that too! Apply it straight on skin.


Peppermint - always in my purse

Peppermint will perk you up. It's also great after a meal that isn’t settling well. A drop under my tongue or in my water does WONDERS to keep my digestive system happy….plus you’ll have good breath for dayssss. Try rubbing peppermint on your temples or back of head if you’re having some head tension.


DiGize - for people who eat

DiGize is a blend of powerful digestive system supporting oils: Tarragon, Ginger, Peppermint, Juniper, Fennel, Lemongrass, Anise, and Patchouli. Sometimes our digestive systems need a little extra love, so if you’re tummy just isn’t happy you can rub a few drops on your abdomen or a drop under your tongue. Do it as often as you need!


Frankincense - flawless face

Frankincense is used in almost all of Young Living’s skin care items. It’s powerful for aging skin and supporting a healthy complexion. I add a drop in my moisturizer nightly. I love kicking my toxic skincare chemicals out of the house. This oil is SUPER calming. Their are studies on Frankincense that have shown amazing things - so research that! 


Purification - odor tamer

Purification does what the name says….it purifies. Stinky shoes? Cook fish for dinner? If you need to bust up some stinky odors, put a few drops in your diffuser and turn that baby on! It neutralizes odors amazingly well. Don’t cover up bad odors with toxic candles and air fresheners. Seriously, if you haven’t thrown away your candles and air fresheners – please go google that! Reach for Purification instead. I love to mix it with lemon in my diffuser. 


Lemon - cleansing & mood boosting

Such a happy oil! Citrus oils are known to support our emotions in a powerful way. Just try adding some to your diffuser this winter when the days are cold and dark. You’ll thank me later. Our fav way to use lemon is adding a drop to our water (glass or stainless steel only for some amazing cleansing properties. It's also our favorite way to remove stains or crayons when your toddler took over the house. 


Thieves - immune system's BFF

Thieves is known for its powerful immune system supporting oils. This blend includes Clove, Cinnamon, Rosemary, Lemon and Eucalyptus and we basically can’t survive winter without this bad boy. It has been a game changer for my two little ones. Rubbing it on the bottoms of our feet/spine in the winter has been a game changer. 


Copaiba & PanAway - muscle & joints

I love Copaiba and Panaway together on those tense spots & aches. After a long day at designing at my desk - I love rubbing them on my neck & shoulders. Copaiba is also super amazing at soothing those tiny gums on your babies. PanAway is JAM packed with all sorts of oils that make your muscles and joints and ligaments feel GOOD. Just rub it topically wherever you need it. 


R.C. - when you need to breathe

R.C. - also stands for Respiratory Care. It’s our ultimate must have oil blend during these wintery months. Go grab your bottle and rub some on your sinuses and chest! Even your feet! It will open everything right up. Make your own DIY chest rub with Coconut Oil and RC. It’s also pretty awesome in your diffuser.


Stress Away - calm right on down

Calling all Stressed Out mamas and creatives. This little bottle changed my life. It smells like a vacation and it's my new perfume. I've ditched the toxic hormone disrupting chemicals and use this instead. I roll this on my neck & wrists anytime I'm stressed or need to calm down and focus on work or being present. It's ALWAYS in my purse. I'm not afraid to smear it all over my crazy kiddos when I need it ;) 


I knew oils would help keep our immune systems strong but I never knew how they could help this high strung mama with her stress. Life changing little miracles.
— Megan Wright

How to get those oils, girl

So now you’re wondering how to get started, right??

Follow these steps:

  1. Get rid of those toxins!: - click "become a member" 
  2. Enter my ID number 3605429 in both Enroller/Sponsor fields or just follow this link
  3. Choose your Premium Starter Kit and check out 
  4. Try not to knock down the delivery guy when it shows up
  5. Bust out your diffuser, fill with Stress Away & relax
  6. I'll get you plugged into our online oily workshops & groups for extra education 
  7. You'll be receiving a welcome gift and Oily Life Guide Journal in the mail from me :) 

Want to attend an online oil workshop? I'll get you plugged in!