Start the Oily Life

The pretty intro to essential oils booklet for non-members

Meet the perfect booklet for non-members. The most beautiful and simple companion to bring to your intro to oils classes, gift to prospects, mail to non-oilers with oil samples, or gift to friends that are interested in learning more about oils. This booklet is considered “Step 1” and the Oily Life Guide is considered “Step 2”. We like to say that this booklet is a beautiful intro to oils class/Instagram story in paper form.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • What is an essential oil

  • Why Young Living

  • How to use oils

  • Ditching & switching

  • Tips on using the Premium Starter kit oils 

  • Price of Oils Starter Kit + How to get started

  • Safety tips 

  • Daily life uses 

  • Oils from starter kit for emotions 

  • Get the lowdown on Essential Rewards 

  • Two blank notes pages for classes This book is geared for new oilers (or oldies!) This is a team resource that YL leaders and builders can gift to their new enrollments. We are all about simplifying around here - and this tool will help newbies feel more confident with using their new oils. 

    These booklets are stapled and come in packs of 10 so that you can gift these affordably to those that want to learn more about Young Living. The starter kit price and diffuser options are listed and a space for writing your Member ID number. After your friend joins Young Living and becomes a member, we recommend gifting the Oily Life Guide, the full welcome journal with everything your new member needs to know about getting started with the oily life.

Grab yours now from Life Science Publishing