The Oily Life Guide

The well-designed welcome gift for new oilers. 

After 10+ months.... I am so excited to let you in on something I've been hard at work on. Meet The Oily Life Guide. This wellness journal was written and designed with a purpose: to help new oilers take the next steps in their wellness journey. 

This perfect bound book has over 60 matte pages perfect for writing favorite recipes, making oil wish lists, taking class notes and giving your team all the basic tools and knowledge they need for starting out their oil journey. 

This book is geared for YL leaders and builders who can gift this book to their new enrollments. We are all about simplifying around here - and this tool will help newbies feel more confident with using their new oils. 

This book is perfect for builders that are not into DIY - they don't have time for printing out things at home to gift newbies. This can be used as a sign-up incentive or as a way to increase ER percentage on your team.